— Jurisdiction in seven sounds and scenes (2017)


For centuries jurisdiction divides what is right from what is wrong. Laws are made to maintain order, and those who seek for chaos will have to appear in front of the blindfolded Lady Justice. We identify her verdict with fairness. The law is the law: it has no feelings. But the contrary is true for justice: it is permeated by emotions. JUST= illustrates this tension in seven scenes. The main characters voor every scene are: religion, power, morality, politics, outcasts, time and the arts. A clash of disciplines will guide you, from elderly people to rappers, from Händel to a silent movie to... And you, dear visitor, will be both witness and cause from all harm.

Willy Thomas, Jurgen De bruyn concept

Sarah Eisa, LAZARUS, Freek Mariën, Tom Lanoye text

Willy Thomas, Jurgen De bruyn, Ruud Gielens staging

Günther Lesage, Pieter Genard, Joris Van Den Brande, Koen De Graeve, Ryszek Turbiasz, Willy Thomas, Charlotte Vandermeersch performance

Charlotte Vandermeersch, Eurudike De Beul, Jonathan De Ceuster, Viermaliks, kinderkoor etc. vocals

Martin Valcke, Händel, Hanns Eisler, etc. music

Ensemble Zefiro Torna o.l.v. Jurgen De bruyn: Annelies Decock, Marrie Mooij, Thomas Luks, Dimos de Beun, Jurgen De bruyn, beiaardiers, Stedelijk Conservatorium Mechelen, Gökhan Girginol, Serdi Faki, etc. music performance

Mathias Ruelle film

Karen De Wolf costumes

Sarah Eisa dramaturgy

ARSENAAL/LAZARUS, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen technical support

commissioned by OP.RECHT.MECHELEN stadsfestival 2016-2018