Lassus Pub Crawl

— French chansons, Italian villanelles and German drinking songs (2015)

Zefiro Torna – diverse lokale vocale ensembles

Mons 2015, Cultural Capital of Europe, is the birthplace of masterful renaissance composer Orlandus Lassus. As part of the celebrations, the idea grew to organize a Lassus Pub crawl. As a social-artistic project it provides an existing and flourishing amateur choir scene with a professional framework. An exquisite selection of taverns, cafés or pubs form the backdrop to this reborn tradition of the bar tour and the ‘café chantant’. They prove themselves a sanctuary where high and low culture can meet and where sense of beauty, cheerfulness, decadence, ‘condition humaine’, melancholy and parody can communicate.

In the coming years, this project aims to bring together vocal ensembles from various partner cities of Mons and other European cities linked to Lassus' life in the coming years to work on his repertoire of French chansons, Italian villanelles and German drinking songs. Jurgen De bruyn, artistic leader of Zefiro Torna, compiles the repertoire for the different choirs and assists them with the interpretation through preparatory workshops. For the performances, the choirs can count on the accompaniment of Zefiro Torna’s professional instrumentalists.

Zefiro Torna

  • Annelies Van Gramberen soprano
  • Dimos De Beun recorders, spinet
  • Phillipe Malfeyt lute, colascione
  • Jurgen De bruyn lute, renaissance guitar, artistic leader

Various vocal ensembles

20.09.2015 vocal ensemble Viermaliks (Malines)
10.10.2015 vocal ensemble Mezza Voce (Mons)
1-3.07.2016 vocal ensemble Putnu Dãrz (Latvia)
24-27.08.2016 vocal ensemble Ingenium (Slovenia)

Partner organisations
Mons 2015 and Festival van Vlaanderen-Mechelen