—  (2006)

Zefiro Torna

A multimedia production where Zefiro Torna dives into the medieval and renaissance world of the siren. Mermaphilia offers an abundance of atmospheres harbouring music of the Spanish conquistadores, English sailors in the days Admiral Nelson, 13th century mysticism, Elizabethan interiorising and glorifying baroque music. Through sound sculptures on tape, transformed voice and instruments and an adapted light direction, a distinct universe is created that carries off the audience into an imaginary, Ulysses-like sea voyage, where not only adventure, beauty and temptation, but also decadence and destruction set the tone.

Els Van Laethem, Cécile Kempenaers vocals
François Lazarevic recorders, bag-pipes
Jurgen De bruyn lute, chitarrone, guitar, artistic direction
Liam Fennelly fiddle, viola da gamba
Frédéric Malempré percussion
Jan Verschooren sound engineer
Arne Lievens light`

Ward Weis and George De Decker composition soundscape