— Installation / solo performance Jurgen De bruyn (2015)

Jurgen De bruyn

For centuries, mystics, philosophers and artists have expressed the idea that man's cognitive and physical abilities are related to the powers of the universe. In these visions, man is always put central in the cosmos and is regarded as the measure for all things. Ranging from Hildegard von Bingen's 'Liber divinorum operum', over ‘the anatomical Zodiac Man’ by the Limbourg Brothers that is circled by zodiac signs, the proportioned 'Vitruvian Man' by da Vinci, the portrait by Arcimboldo of emperor Rudolph II of Habsburg/Vertumnus and the mythology of William Blake to Anselm Kiefer's modern adaptation 'Jeder Mesch steht unter seiner Himmelskugel'.

Together with composer and sound artist Paul Craenen, dramaturge Tom Hannes and sound engineer Yannick Willox, Jurgen De bruyn, lute player and leader of the vocal-instrumental ensemble Zefiro Torna, redefines the symbol of the microcosm-macrocosm. A mono speaker functions as the beating heart of the performance. Beside it, several microphones, a reactive sound system and strings stretched out over the room, create a spacial environment that determines the musical actions on stage. The way the performer positions himself vis-à-vis the microphones and the strings, and the way he plays, speaks or sings determine what can be heard through the speaker. Silence is a trigger for recorded sounds, live sounds, on the other hand, drive the musical logic of the sound system or switch off the speaker. A symbiotic, almost ecological relationship emerges between the surroundings and the musician, between actions in the present and recorded sounds. Past becomes present, homo becomes humus, multitude becomes unity and the other way around.

Performance Jurgen De bruyn guiterne, renaissance lute, baroque lute, theorbo, chant

Music B. Cordier, J. des Prez/B. Bakfark, J.H. Kapsberger, J.S. Bach, K. Stockhausen


Els Van Laethem soprano
Tom Hannes voice
Benjamin Glorieux piccolo cello
Paul Craenen sound dramaturgy
Yannick Willox sound engineer
Tom Hannes Dramaturgy