— Dual unity cycle (2007)

Zefiro Torna – ZOO/Thomas Hauert – Tom Hannes


Dancer Eun-Kyung Lee is partly living in Belgium and partly in Korea. Incorporating two cultures results in a unique portrait such as the juxtaposition of baroque arias of Cavalli and Händel with traditional and popular Korean music in order to find a way of expressing a new totality.

In 1917 Marcel Duchamp shocks the art world by putting a urinal on a pedestal. In the sixth century A.D. a Chinese monk shocks the emperor by saying: “One big emptiness, nothing holy.” Zen priest and theatre maker Tom Hannes lets these two stories interact.

The dance performance “Parallallemande” consists of three parts. First, there is a solo on a version of the allemande taken from the second violin partita of J.S. Bach in a version for trumpet, followed by a solo on a performance of the same piece on violin and to conclude there is a duet on the superposition of the two versions. Zefiro Torna applies the same principle to the vocal duet “Et in unum Dominum” from Bach’s Messe in H-Moll.

Solo for EKL

Thomas Hauert concept and direction

Thomas Hauert i.s.m. Eun-Kyung Lee choreography

Eun-Kyung Lee dance

Simon Siegmann set and light design

ZOO/Thomas Hauert production

BOZAR Dance Brussel en GaneSa Seoul coproduction


Thomas Hauert concept and direction

Thomas Hauert, Mat Voorter dance

Jan Van Gijsel, Thomas Hauert lights

ZOO/Thomas Hauert production

Tom Hannes zen priest, writer, performer

Zefiro Torna: Griet De Geyter, Els Van Laethem vocals - Jurgen De bruyn artistic director