— A meditation about temporality set to music by Jeroen D'hoe with live calligraphy by Brody Neuenschwander (2011)

Zefiro Torna – Jeroen D'hoe – Brody Neuenschwander

The inspiration for Shadows was found in the tradition of the Tenebrae. This liturgy traditionally begins before sunrise in a chapel only lit by thirteen candles. During the singing of the Divine Office and while daytime draws closer, the candles are put out one by one symbolising the abandonment of Christ by his disciples, finally resulting in his death. At dawn, daylight counters the darkness and reminds us of the arrival of Spring and the expected resurrection of Christ at Easter.

Shadows visually confronts the internal aspects of this game of shadows. Within each of us, there is a stream of emotions moving through various shades of light and dark. These internal shadows are given a physical form in a live calligraphy performance. Jeroen D’hoe’s composition forms a cycle of seven movements contrasting with six articulated moments of silence. Neuenschwander’s and D’hoe’s libretto is a lyrical meditation on shadows in all its forms. Zefiro Torna approaches the theme from different musical perspectives: ranging from minimalistic ‘songs’ to contrapuntal and antiphonal settings.

Griet De Geyter soprano, percussion

Els Van Laethem soprano, percussion, tromba marina

Benjamin Glorieux cello

Jurgen De bruyn renaissance lute, archiliuto, percussion, vocals, artistic direction

Jeroen D’hoe composition (commissioned by Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen)

Brody Neuenschwander live calligraphy

Brody Neuenschwander & Jeroen D’hoe libretto

Mise-en-scène Tom Hannes

Lighting design Jan Van Gijsel

In collaboration with Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen