— Lounge concert (2016)

Jurgen De bruyn – Lore Binon – Benjamin Glorieux

Pow'rful Morpheus, let thy charms
Wrap the world in slumber's arms,
With thy sweet composed numbers,
Rock each mortal in slumbers.
So no ear or eye shall know
Where we are or what we do. (William Webb, 17th C.)

Ninna la nanna, ninna nanna. Close your eyes and be intoxicated by Hypnos, the mythological god of sleep. Assisted by his sons Morpheus and Phantasos he transports man through an internal landscape as if it were a parallel reality. Baroque composers such as Johannes H. Kapsberger, Jacopo Peri, John Dowland, Marain Marais and Johann Sebastian Bach let themselves be inspired by this theme of night, sleep and dream when writing their songs and instrumental music.

Zefiro Torna pours from this hallucinogenic brew of slumbering thoughts, nightly wanderings, lonely sorrow, death wishes, secret fantasies, idealistic sanctuaries and appeasing whispers. A voice cuts through the darkness accompanied by the atmospheric sound of theorbo, lute, cello and electronics.


The program comes to life in the intimate setting of a lounge atmosphere. During the tribute to Hypnos, old and modern masters of the night meet: a mixologist is part of the scene and prepares live alcoholic cocktails and natural concoctions. Not unlike an alchemist, he extracts, ferments, stirs and strains; he combines unsuspected ingredients in elixirs that slowly transport you to a dream state.

Lay back and listen to... Ssssomnia.

  • Lore Binon vocals
  • Benjamin Glorieux cello, electronics
  • Jurgen De bruyn theorbo, archlute, electronics, artistic direction
  • SipsnSoda mixologist