Te Ros!

—  (2009)

Pantalone – Zefiro Torna – Ros Beiaardcomité

Co-production / Pantalone – Zefiro Torna - Ros Beiaardcomité

In collaboration with Klara and CC Belgica

Exiting music theatre for the whole family

What happens to a man when he is offered a horse making him invincible in battle? What happens when man and horse become best friends? What happens to the world when this war has no ending? What happens when the man falls in love with a woman desiring peace? What happens when de king decides the horse must die for peace’s sake?

Te Ros! is a family performance in which the legend of the the Four Sons of Duke Aymon and the horse Bayard is brought to life in a subtle play of music, video and tough knight's tales. A boys band composed of wizard Madelgijs and three play men start a journey. Armed with nothing but a range of stories, enthralling troubadour and trouveur songs and disarming caprices, they head out looking for feats of arms and the innermost sentiments of Renaud and his horse.

As a part of the Ros Beiaard Parade of Sunday 10 May 2010.

Jurgen De bruyn, lute, electric guitar, chant - Jowan Merckx, flute, bagpipes, flugelhorn - Stephan Pougin, percussion - Tom Hannes, narrator, chant - Els Van Laethem/Liam Fennelly - chant/fiddle on tape I Liesbet Vereertbrugghen, concept and advice - Daniel Tanson, director - Jan Boon, videast - Tom Hannes, scritp - Jef Loots, lights, mise en scène I Tom Hannes, Prof. Frank Willaert (UA), Irene Spijker, research