An exciting cultural season

This fall, in addition to a few concerts, Zefiro Torna is preparing a number of (inter)national productions that will premiere in spring 2020.
We are especially looking forward to work with the theater company Laika. Together we'll transform the Balsam program into a mysterious alchemical lab where the public is served elixirs, ointments, syrups, all while the music enchants.
In addition, we will bring a few noon concerts at Opera Vlaanderen with the Champions des Dames program.
We'll also celebrate Beethoven 2020 with the hybrid concert installation PASTORALE, in which the music helps shape an ecology of microscopic life forms.

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Premiere Time Crawls

On Tuesday, August 13, the production Time Crawls will premiere during the festival De Zomer van Sint-Pieter in Leuven. Melodies by Jowan Merckx - member of Zefiro Torna - were arranged by composers Marnix De Cat and Martin Valcke for a new kind of broken consort, performed by an international top cast. The program traverses the European mainland from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, and from Ireland to the Black Sea via polkas, bourrées, jigs, Breton folk dances and waltzes, to the typical tonalities and rhythms of the Balkans.

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Summer 2019

With the holidays ahead we announce our summer concerts. After some well-deserved rest, we're back on stage with B.I.G. at the MAfestival Bruges and Llibre Vermell at the Eté Mosan Festival. We also make time for the creation of the brand new production Time Crawls with melodies by Jowan Merckx, set by composers Marnix De Cat and Martin Valcke for a new kind of broken consort.


Balsam - sold out

Both Balsam concerts on 6 and 7 May 2019, during the Lunalia festival, are now sold out. Want to see Balsam live? Come to Dil'Arte in Dilbeek on 6 April, there are still a few tickets left.


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—  (2013)

Zefiro Torna – Ultima Thule

Musique Theatre (Dutch Spoken)

Zefiro Torna - Ultima Thule

They’re having a celebration tomorrow at retirement home Eglantine. Frans and Hélène, both 106 years of age, celebrate their 80th anniversary together. But in the middle of the night, while he is looking at her, Frans notices that she isn’t Hélène any more. The contours are hers, but the colouring is shabby. Help, Frans! Help! He has to do something! Now! The door is a bit ajar. The moment is now! And then, suddenly, there they are: memories: a story about youth and old age, about steps and missteps, truth and fiction, love and loss.

In NERF, the knotty existence of two elderly lovers is stripped of its bark until a thin and pulsing vein of life remains. Moving, sad and comical dialogues and scenes are part of a continuous symbolic metamorphosis. Shapes transform, words become superfluous, sounds pan out. Reaching towards their essence.

Ultima Thule guarantees an impressive figure theatre. The musicians of Zefiro Torna spin a delicate net throughout the performance. Their quest for the ‘better chanson’ leads them to surprising locational and time related dimensions and forgotten genres.

Sven Ronsijn text and staging
Tineke Caels, Erik Bassier performance
Jurgen De bruyn, Soetkin Baptist or Elise Caluwaerts music/performance
Els Van Laethem musical advice
Wim De Wulf coaching
Evelyne Meersschaut puppets/costumes
Ultima Thule, Zefiro Torna scenography
Rupert Defossez technique
Ludo Vleugels sound engineer

In collaboration with Zomer Van Antwerpen