An exciting cultural season

This fall, in addition to a few concerts, Zefiro Torna is preparing a number of (inter)national productions that will premiere in spring 2020.
We are especially looking forward to work with the theater company Laika. Together we'll transform the Balsam program into a mysterious alchemical lab where the public is served elixirs, ointments, syrups, all while the music enchants.
In addition, we will bring a few noon concerts at Opera Vlaanderen with the Champions des Dames program.
We'll also celebrate Beethoven 2020 with the hybrid concert installation PASTORALE, in which the music helps shape an ecology of microscopic life forms.


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Time Crawls

— A new broken consort (2019)

Zefiro Torna

The English broken consort was as one of the most popular instrumental chamber music forms around 1600. Exquisite Authors or composers such as Thomas Morley, Peter Philips, William Byrd and John Dowland wrote entire books full of Lessons for this ensemble consisting of wind, string and plucked instruments. Their adaptations of popular tunes and dance-like pavanes and galliardes often served as entertainment during theatre plays. Compositions like 'Hold fast' or 'Follow me' provided a humorous note, while the slow 'Tears' and 'Lamentations of a Sorrowful Soul' brought contemplation. The instruments offered extra symbolism: violins and viols were used for harmonious love scenes, flutes for fear and death, and plucked instruments for festive occasions.

Jowan Merckx, a member of ZefiroTorna, had some of his own melodies rearranged by Flemish composers Martin Valcke and Marnix De Cat. This newly composed consort music is performed on historical instruments, by a team of international top musicians, who seamlessly shift between ancient, contemporary and improvised music. Enigmatic works such as Wolfsuur, Time Crawls and Le Lac profond fascinate with their sophisticated tonal language. Ingeniously crafted bourrées and jigs leave no one sit still and rouse to dance.

  • Jowan Merckx dolci flauti, whistles, percussion, compositions
  • Annelies Decock baroque violin
  • Sarah L. Ridy baroque harp
  • Liam Fennelly viola da gamba
  • Alon Portal violone
  • Jurgen De bruyn lute, teorbo, artistic direction
  • Martin Valcke, Marnix De Cat arrangements