Fall 2020: Balsam and two premieres

We are all in need of cultural activities after the past months. It's something we noticed from the many moved reactions after playing Balsam at the Zomer van Antwerpen in July. The press has repeatedly called the performance "a balm for the soul." This autumn we bring you extra oxygen for the soul with the reprise of Balsam in Rotterdam and Heerlen.

On October 14, Zefiro Torna and the contemporary French Ensemble Variances will unite music from the 14th to the 21st centuries during the premiere of BACHC®AB in deSingel. And a month later we'll launch you 'im glückliche Fahrt' into a new time and space with the long-awaited premiere of PAST | ORALE: BTHVN transhumanized during the Lunalia festival. Looking forward to this special reunion!


Zefiro strikes back

The word is out! After a few exciting weeks we can announce that BALSAM, the mysterious laboratory with Laika, will be premiered at Zomer van Antwerpen. We'll play 36 times between 1 and 26 July, but as tickets are limited, be sure to buy your tickets on time.

In August we will be back on stage with SLUIMER - together with Lore Binon and Benjamin Glorieux - during the Music Mondays in Ninove and the Bijloke Zomerbar.

We'll kick off this special summer on 21 June with Klara on Tour. Follow our performance with soprano Annelies Van Gramberen at 2 pm, broadcasted live from Amuz via Klara.


Zefiro Torna's antidote

Like many other artists and ensembles, Zefiro Torna had to cancel upcoming concerts due to the corona crisis. It's a pity, but the health of everyone around us comes first.

In the meantime, we continue to work on future projects from our attic, living room or improvised office. Every week, we'll provide a musical antidote, starting with this playlist on Spotify:

Stay healthy and creative!


A lab of senses

In January 2020, Zefiro Torna will reshape the production of Balsam into a music theater performance that stimulates all the senses. To this end, the ensemble works together with theater company Laika - Theater der Zinnen. Balsam becomes a visual and physically stimulating laboratory in which the live music merges with surprising scents and flavors. While the music is simmering and enchanting, the spectators witness all kinds of experiments and chemical processes: oil solidifies dropwise into edible pearls, milk becomes electric, charcoal a sweet treat. Balms, powders, drinks and amuse gueules in all scents, colors and flavors are presented and shared by the performers with those sitting next to you, premiered on January 31, 2020 in Le Channel (Calais, FR) and then on tour in France, The Netherlands and Belgium.



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— BTHVN transhumanized (2020)

Zefiro Torna - SEADS network

What would happen if there were a United Organization of Organisms, called UOO (uh-oh)
where each species gets one vote?
Would mankind be voted off the planet?
Would we be rejected by the biosphere as a virulent organism?
We are nature,
we are not separate from it
It's a natural gift we have
It is just
Recalling it
It is just
Reclaiming it
It is just
Re-enchanting it

(Text by Birsen Uçar for PAST >| ORALE)

Zefiro Torna and SEADS network (Space Ecologies Art & Design) worked out a concert installation that links the musical and philosophical motives by Ludwig von Beethoven linked to the theme of nature versus man, society and science.


In his allegorical ballet ‘Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus’ Beethoven presents a titan who brings fire to earth and thus frees man from the dictates of the gods, through science, art and a new morality.

A similar optimism of progress characterizes the DNA of the international transdisciplinary network of artists, scientists, engineers and activists SEADS. The collective acts against a dystopian world marked by disrupted social systems, xenophobia, market-economy thinking and ecological problems. This new self-confident generation emphasizes an increasing psychological connection of all people, supported by advanced means of communication and a further computerization of society. They mould the future into a new form in an own and unique way, through critical research, hands-on experiments and paradigm-changing projects in which ecology, technology and community are radically integrated.


Pieter Steyaert - co-founder of SEADS - designed ‘PAST >l ORALE’ as a utopian ecosystem in which computers, plants and man enter into a symbiotic relationship. Within this biosphere, sound art and music help shape an ecology of microscopic life forms: the frequencies and patterns emerging from the music influence the conditions of this living matter. This hidden world becomes visible to the public and performers through microscopic image capturing, projections and lighting.

The phenomenological processes that take place in this new kind of biosphere lead to a new acoustic reality. In the sonorous landscape that emerges from this, sound fragments (shards) from Beethoven’s program-based oeuvre depict human nature and soul power. It shows similarities with the ‘Petite symphony intuitive pour un paysage de printemps’ (1973-74) by the French composer Luc Ferrari (1929-2005).

Hybrid singing and sounds generated by bionic instruments transport the audience ‘im glückliche Fahrt’ to a new time and space.

Zefiro Torna

  • Birsen Uçar singer/performer (known from Hydrogen Sea)
  • Mathis Van Cleynenbreugel tenor, French horn
  • Jurgen De bruyn lyra guitar, mandolin, lute, electronics, concept, musical direction
  • Benjamin Glorieux cello, electronics
  • Pak Yan Lau toy piano, electronics, trash synths
  • Frederik Croene piano démécanisé
  • Yannick Willox sound engineer
  • Jean-Lou Caglar light design

SEADS network

  • Pieter Steyaert installation

BTHVN ‘shards’ | Extracts from: 6th Symphony in F majeur 'Pastorale' - song cycle 'An die ferne Geliebte' - 'Cello sonata nr5' - 'Meeresstille'