Premiere Time Crawls

On Tuesday, August 13, the production Time Crawls will premiere during the festival De Zomer van Sint-Pieter in Leuven. Melodies by Jowan Merckx - member of Zefiro Torna - were arranged by composers Marnix De Cat and Martin Valcke for a new kind of broken consort, performed by an international top cast. The program traverses the European mainland from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, and from Ireland to the Black Sea via polkas, bourrées, jigs, Breton folk dances and waltzes, to the typical tonalities and rhythms of the Balkans.

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Summer 2019

With the holidays ahead we announce our summer concerts. After some well-deserved rest, we're back on stage with B.I.G. at the MAfestival Bruges and Llibre Vermell at the Eté Mosan Festival. We also make time for the creation of the brand new production Time Crawls with melodies by Jowan Merckx, set by composers Marnix De Cat and Martin Valcke for a new kind of broken consort.


Balsam - sold out

Both Balsam concerts on 6 and 7 May 2019, during the Lunalia festival, are now sold out. Want to see Balsam live? Come to Dil'Arte in Dilbeek on 6 April, there are still a few tickets left.


Spring 2019

2019 will be a year to look forward to. A beautiful spring is approaching, with numerous extraordinary productions touring both in Belgium and abroad. From renaissance and baroque music to jazz and traditional music. Zefiro Torna wishes you an inspiring and heart-warming 2019!

Discover Zefiro Torna's plans during spring 2019 in the latest news letter.


CD release BALSAM

Zefiro Torna releases 'Balsam' at Antarctica Records, successor to the productions ‘Les Tisserands’ and ‘O, Monde Aveugle!’. The project unites musicians who are experts in various genres such as old, ethnic and jazz music. This time the mysterious forces of plants, flowers and herbs formed the starting point for the programme.

"An unctuous and euphonious balsam for the mind and the soul. A truly intoxicating experience." - thus Stefan Grondelaers. Have a look at our trailer for a first impression.

Order the CD here - for yourself or as a Christmas gift. And for extra listening pleasure we offer the trilogy 'Tisserands - O Monde Aveugle - Balsam' for a small price.


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— BTHVN transhumanized (2020)

Zefiro Torna - SEAD network

Zefiro Torna and SEAD network (Space Ecologies Art & Design) worked out a concert installation that links the musical and philosophical motives by Ludwig von Beethoven linked to the theme of nature versus man, society and science.


In his allegorical ballet ‘Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus’ Beethoven presents a titan who brings fire to earth and thus frees man from the dictates of the gods, through science, art and a new morality.

A similar optimism of progress characterizes the DNA of the international transdisciplinary network of artists, scientists, engineers and activists SEAD. The collective acts against a dystopian world marked by disrupted social systems, xenophobia, market-economy thinking and ecological problems. This new self-confident generation emphasizes an increasing psychological connection of all people, supported by advanced means of communication and a further computerization of society. They mould the future into a new form in an own and unique way, through critical research, hands-on experiments and paradigm-changing projects in which ecology, technology and community are radically integrated.


Pieter Steyaert - co-founder of SEAD - designed ‘PAST >l ORALE’ as a utopian ecosystem in which computers, plants and man enter into a symbiotic relationship. Within this biosphere, sound art and music help shape an ecology of microscopic life forms: the frequencies and patterns emerging from the music influence the conditions of this living matter. This hidden world becomes visible to the public and performers through microscopic image capturing, projections and lighting.

The phenomenological processes that take place in this new kind of biosphere lead to a new acoustic reality. In the sonorous landscape that emerges from this, sound fragments (shards) from Beethoven’s program-based oeuvre depict human nature and soul power. It shows similarities with the ‘Petite symphony intuitive pour un paysage de printemps’ (1973-74) by the French composer Luc Ferrari (1929-2005).

Hybrid singing and sounds generated by bionic instruments transport the audience ‘im glückliche Fahrt’ to a new time and space.

Creation: 27 April 2020, Lunalia Festival Mechelen

Zefiro Torna

  • Lynn Suemitsu (JPN/USA) singer/performer (alias ‘Golin’, known from the electronic music scene)
  • Tiemo Wang (NL) baritone
  • Jurgen De bruyn (BE) lyra guitar, mandolin, lute, electronics, concept, musical direction
  • Benjamin Glorieux (BE) cello, electronics
  • Pak Yan Lau (BE/HK) toy piano, electronics, trash synths
  • Frederik Croene (BE) piano démécanisé
  • Yannick Willox (BE) sound engineer

SEAD network

  • Pieter Steyaert (BE) installation

BTHVN ‘shards’ | Motifs from: 6th Symfonie in F majeur ‘Pastorale’ - Cello Sonata nr. 5 - ‘Der Wartelschlag’ - ‘Seufzer eines Ungeliebte’ - ‘An die ferne Geliebte’ - ‘Tempest Sonata’ - ‘Moonlight Sonata’ - ‘Meeresstille’