The vocal-instrumental ensemble Zefiro Torna was founded in 1996. The ensemble is joined by excellent vocalists and instrumentalists from Europe. Zefiro Torna brings to life the European cultural heritage from the middle ages, renaissance and baroque in a unique way. This manifests itself in their choice for authentic instruments and historic sing, play and improvisation techniques that are based on historical research (HIP).

ZefiroTorna does not limit itself to a merely historical approach but combines it with current art expressions. Starting out from disciplines such as literature, plastic arts, installation art, dance, ethnic and contemporary music, collaborations are set up with renowned artists to work around a variety of symbolic or allegorical themes. This results in fascinating pieces of ‘Gesamtkunst’ that receive a multilayered meaning.

The ensemble entered into dialogue with individual artists, directors, choreographers, composers and performers as Ghalia Benali, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Brody Neuenschwander, Sigrid T’Hooft, Ief Spincemaille, Tom Hannes, Jeroen d’Hoe, Dick van der Harst, Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski, Daniel Tanson, Stevie Wishart, and with ensembles as Abattoir Fermé, Amorroma, Antwerps Kathedraalkoor, Figurentheater De Maan, Frank Vaganée Trio, Ialma, LOD, Pantalone, Psallentes, Ultima Thule, Vlaams Radiokoor/Hervé Niquet, Vocalconsort Berlin, ZOO/Thomas Hauert.

Through this approach, ZefiroTorna has gained international renown and by consequence, the ensemble is a welcomed guest in famous concert halls.

Their creations are regularly awarded and several of them have been released on the labels Et’Cetera, Warner Classics and Homerecords.