25.01.2018 20:00


Wilminktheater Muziekcentrum, Grote Kerk, Enschede (NL)

03.05.2018 20:00

Lassus Grand Cru

Wilminktheater / Muziekcentrum, Grote Kerk, Enschede (NL)



Warm and festive sounds

Sunday 29 October is the end of daylight saving time. No better medicine to enter the cold winter days than the warm, healing sounds of the Balsam production. After a sold-out Belgian premiere in Leuven, we will bring this program to Bierbeek on 29 October.

A day earlier we will make some Brugse cafés unsafe, together with vocal ensemble Viermaliks, with drinking songs of Orlandus Lassus during Klara's event 'Iedereen Klassiek'. The grand finale of this Lassus Café Chantant will take place in the Concertgebouw Brugge.


Premiere B.I.G.

After the successful collaboration with the puppet theatre group Ultima Thule during NERF (2013), we are presenting a second music theatre performance B.I.G. (14+). The production will be premiered on 15 September at the Minardschouwburg in Ghent, and will then continue on a tour through Flanders.


Summer 2017

A month ago, we ended our concert season with JUST =, an extraordinary production in cooperation with ARSENAAL / LAZARUS, commissioned by the city festival OP.RECHT.MECHELEN. In the meantime, we are working on the brand new musical theatre production B.I.G., which will premiere coming autumn. And of course, we are looking forward to the summer festivals in Belgium and abroad.

Read our newsletter and find out where to find us this summer. We wish you a splendid summer!


Impressive closing of our season

JUST = was not only an impressive closing of the cultural part of the city festival OP.RECHT.MECHELEN., but also the icing on the cake of our anniversary season. Over 1500 spectators witnessed scenes on the Solomon judgment, a post-war process, a scandal concert, letters of detainees and disarmed justice systems, performed by an impressive cast under the supervision of Willy Thomas and Jurgen De Bruyn.

"The concept created by Willy Thomas and Jurgen de bruyn invites the spectator to think about a system that judges people. (...) JUST= entertains the audience with a variety of artful scenes that serve a wide palette of taste, supported by a strong musical soundtrack. " (25.05.2017, Jan De Smet for De Morgen)

Check out the photoshoot by Kurt Van der Elst


Location project JUST=

Zefiro Torna and ARSENAAL/LAZARUS are creating the great location project JUST=, from 23 till 29 May at the Hof van Savoye in Mechelen. The project is commissioned by the city festival OP.RECHT.MECHELEN.

In seven scenes, Zefiro Torna and ARSENAAL/LAZARUS illustrate the tension between law and justice. Actors, singers, children's voices, a choir and a surprising mix of musicians populate the court rooms of the Court of Savoy, where the Great Council of Mechelen was housed 400 years ago. The audience is both a privileged witness and judge.

Including a battle between carillons, Charlotte Vandermeersch and Eurudike De Beul as baroque opera diva's in Händels Solomon, Vera Coomans with a captivating song of Theodor Kramer, a hip-hop contribution by Black-actress Martha Canga Antonia, atonal sound experiments by Koen De Graeve and his fellow actors from LAZARUS, music by Martin Valcke and text by Tom Lanoye.